Zooming issue

This one is kind of like the other bug I just posted, in that there is a difference in behavior when a text document is selected in the binder versus a folder.

When a folder (chapter) is selected in the binder, zooming does not work. The ruler changes size but the text doesn’t actually get bigger or smaller. Zooming does work when a text document (scene) is selected.

Whoops just realized I posted this in the wrong forum! Meant to put in the Windows bugs forum. Sorry!

Consider yourself severely chastised !! :imp:

I’ve moved this to the Windows bug hunt. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is a known bug in Scrivenings mode. We’re in the middle of overhauling Scrivenings for the next major release, which will solve this and make the whole mode much more seamless. In the meanwhile, the workaround is just to set the editor zoom before loading the session.

Awesome. Looking forward to that!