Zotero and Scrivener


I wonder how you guys are using Zotero(v5.0.43) and Scrivener(v2.8.1)?

rtf scan never seems to work properly for me, I have to cut and past at least half the citations across to my document. Its very tedious.

I’m beginning to wonder if this method just doesn’t work properly, would I be better off using Zotero just to handle my references and paste them across into Zotero?

My current work flow is to compile my document as an rtf file from Scrivener, then rtf scan in Zotero.

Am I doing something wrong? Or Is the workflow flawed from the start?

Many thanks,

If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend that you go to the Zotero forums and do a search for Scrivener. There seem to be quite extensive discussions there.

This is probably no help to you, but I wrote an 85,000 word thesis using Scrivener 2, with Bookends as my bibliographic database. I compiled to RTF which I scanned with Bookends without any problem, then cleaned things up finally with Nisus Writer. I just say this to indicate that it was possible to get a good result with Scrivener and Bookends, so the problem might lie with Zotero, not Scrivener.

Good luck with it. I’ve been there.