Zotero Citation/Linked File Export -> Research Add Existing


I love love love Scrivener, and have gotten as many people as will listen to make the switch. Further, I am thoroughly enjoying the Research portion of the Binder. As a doctoral student, I frequently refer to PDFs of journal articles, and having the article and the document I’m writing in the same screen(!)… I can’t say enough.

With that, I have a question about importing existing files. I am a religious Zotero user, and I have my articles organized for my research topics and papers I’ve worked on/am working on all organized, and following, more or less, the structure of my outline and literature review.

For my workflow, I’ve discovered that if you right-click on a Zotero collection, you can can export the collection, including copies of the PDF articles you have attached to the citations. My question is, does anyone have any clues or ideas about how I might successfully export a Zotero collection and import it into Scrivener’s Research file in the Binder, AND maintain my Parent-Child tree organization scheme?

//This is directed I suppose, at someone who is following a similar workflow. But feel free to ask me further questions, I’ll try my best to answer them intelligently!\