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Love Scrivener (I use the Linux version). Would love it even more if it had a Zotero plugin (for managing and formatting citations), similar to the one available for word processors such as OpenOffice and LIbreOffice. :smiley:

Thanks for the awesome software!

Hi, tree, and welcome to the forum!

I’ve not tried it personally, but there seems to be some experience integrating Zotero with Scrivener. You may take a look for instance at this thread:


Hope this helps!

[size=85]PS: Also remember that a Zotero plugin for a certain application is more likely to be a by-product of the Zotero development community than an effort of the developer of that application.[/size]

Yes me too me too.

thanks for the link, will check it out!

there is also a new integration between Scrivener and Zotero that makes the workflow more streamlined and includes the citations and bibliography in the Scrivener document.

You can find more information at


and at viewtopic.php?f=5&t=32047&p=201800&hilit=Zotero#p201800

Hope it helps

One thing I would really love to see is drag-and-drop Zotero integration, as well as integration with the Research collection. It would be great to be able to edit document meta-data directly in the Research section, rather than navigating back and forth between the stand-alone Zotero application and Scrivener. Moreover, I know there are options for the current Zotero plugin, but I would really prefer a method that doesn’t necessitate I learn a different markdown format or something (a bit of laziness on my part).

Thanks for the heads up, @mijalce ! This new Zotero plugin is really fantastic, it requires a little work to install but really makes me happy.

Dovepwsmith’s Scrivener for academic writing with Zotero tutorial can walk you through getting started. The author recommends using pandoc (which actually works really well if you’re not afraid to get a little under the hood), but you can also use the zotero Better BibText plugin plus one of these zotpick Applescripts to mimic the use of the Zotero plugin for Word/LibreOffice in Scrivener! It’s amazing!

And if you still want to use scannable cite, you can-- just use the appropriate applescript and away you go.

I’m really very pleased at this development. Many thanks to the Zotplus folks + davepwsmith. :smiley:

(NB: It doesn’t seem possible to use QuickCopy to drag and drop the citations in this workflow, because Better BibTex is an export format. However, using the text filter-based zotpicker with Cmd-Y works like a charm!)

That seems like a lot of unnecessary pain to me. Why not use one of these much simpler (and still 100% free and open source) methods?

  1. Compile to ODT, and use Zotero’s LibreOffice integration.
  2. Compile to RTF, and use Zotero’s RTF scanner.

Hi jstovell,
I agree Dovepwsmith’s instructions are rather too complex for the average user ie me!! Sorry, but while I consider myself a reasonably computer-savvy user of Scrivener, Zotero and Word/Libre Office as soon as the instructions descend into the world of Pandoc, Apple Script etc I am lost. Looks like algebra, it’s not much use to the retail user. Hopefully someone somewhere will fold it into the vanilla version of Zotero.
Re your two options, the second (Zotero’s rtf scan) doesn’t work because it doesn’t differentiate same author same year works like Sente, Endnote do easily. Just a Zotero limitation, but a major one. The Zotero ODT scan does the job beautifully, so this is the only real option short of Dovepwsmith’s algebra. However there are difficulties with this route also, to do with limitations of Libre Office/Open Office viz a viz Word. The main one is that LO doesn’t handle footnote styles quite as well as Word - so if you are using a footnote style you can end up having to repair footnotes manually in LO - a pain in a big document. I also find LO a pain for front matter such as TOC etc. none of this makes it impossible, also if Scriv v.3 compiles styles as promise the integration with both Word and LO will be improved. At the moment I think the best option is to use the Zotero OTD Scannable Cite style, compile to rtf and set styles, front matter etc in Word, then save as ODT and run the Zotero ODT scan and do final edits in LO.

Not sure if tree is still reading this, but the zotpicknix scripts link Scrivener and Zotero in Linux (similar to Dave Smith’s applescripts for Mac). You’ll find detailed instructions with the scripts.

There is also a discussion of alternative Linux workflows in the Linux section of the L&L forum.

Better Bibtex doesn’t work with Zotero v 5. So this whole workflow doesn’t work.

The dev has been working hard on updating Better BibTeX, so give it a little time.

Any idea of how long it would take? For now I use the following work around, I use MS Word to make a citation with Zotero and then copy paste it into my Scrivener footnote. So far so good.

Last time I checked his GitHub he was about to beta. It will show up on Google.