ZotZero (Academic) Research Tool

ZotZero, formerly Firefox scholar, will be in public beta in the next week or so.

Check it out here:



I have been using something that is of a somewhat similar notion, for about a year now. It is called ScrapBook, and is also an extension for Firefox. It lets you mirror a page with one key-stroke, and after it has been mirrored, you can highlight, annotate, and even erase elements of the page (clean up a CNN article of all its advertisments, for instance). It will even do a recursive sweep if you tell it to, mirroring all linked resources from the page, and their pages pages until it reaches a user specified limit. Very handy for when you wish to capture some research for use on a laptop without a connexion – or to make sure you get a copy of something that you’ll be able to keep for years, whether or not the owner’s web site dies.

While there are other tools that do this, I like that it is an extension of the browser. It lives in my Firefox profile folder along with my bookmarks and everything else.