024 - Loss of drag-n-drop templates

I’ve been using the Comic Script template and a few versions ago I created stacks of documents in a project to act as templates for issues.

Each “Issue” template is a text object with 22 ‘Comic Page’ child objects.

Any time I’ve started a new Scrivener project I’ve opened a previous one, dragged an ‘Issue’ into the new project and then duplicated it to set up the project as needed.

In 024 it appears that I’ve lost the ability to preserve the object structure as I drag it from the original to the new. When dragging an ‘Issue’ to the target project, the ‘Issue’ becomes a single plain text document with no children.

I don’t know if the prior behavior was intended, but it sure was handy. :slight_smile:

(I know there’s a Save-As-Template option as well. I just found the behavior as it was very convenient too)

Yargh, that would be a bug. Thanks.