[025] Compiling to ebook formats

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or human error.

I cannot compile to epub/mobi formats. When I compile I get the following error message:

compilemobierror by StaceyUK, on Flickr

I receive this same error even when compiling to mobi. It always refers to compiling to epub. I’ve installed KindleGen 1.2 for Windows but I haven’t found a way to input Kindlegen location into Scrivener so it can recognise it.

Is KindleGen required for Scrivener to compile mobi files in Windows. The documentation isn’t clear and the tutorial hasn’t been updated to reflect this feature. The only video tutorial I’ve found refers to Mac version.

To ensure this wasn’t due to a corrupted install. I’ve just uninstalled it deleting all files and then reinstalled. The error still appears.


I got the same error when test compiling one of my books to .mobi. The problem is that the .mobi format is trying to save each chapter with the chapter name as the file name. The name of the chapter that fails includes a question mark (?). It looks like Lee is trying to use the chapter name as a file name. Windows cannot use a question mark in the file name since it is reserved as a wildcard for searches. I’m not sure about that but removing the offending question mark from one of my chapter names removed the error.

If this is the case then there needs to be an added filter in the compile to .mobi option that strips out any illegal file name characters.


Thanks Randy,

That makes sense as the file is a series of questions and would explain how I was able to compile a first draft of fiction to mobi.

Thanks, both of you, I’ve made a note of this.

Removed ? from header bar. Scrivener appears to compile and the green status bar flashes but then this error appears:

compilemobierror2 by StaceyUK, on Flickr

No mobi file is created at the end of the compile process.

Attached a test project with files I was trying to compile. Cannot send original project due to confidentiality for the people involved. This is a tarot reading I did for myself.
test 2011_07_02_19_30_07.zip|attachment (133 KB)