025 crash using menu Project>Empty Trash

This time the crash was caused when I used the top menu to delete an image from trash.
The image happened to be selected and showing in the center panel – could that cause the problem?


I inserted an image into a file (a jpeg).
Moved the file to trash (drag and drop)
With the main editor still showing the file with the image, I selected Project > Empty Trash.

Hm. There seems to be something else, though; repeating the same process in multiple projects, I’ve only gotten it to crash once with this. Here’s my process:

  1. Open existing 025 project
  2. Drag a .jpg into the Research folder from Win Explorer
  3. Select the image and drag it to trash; it is loaded in the editor
  4. Select Project>Empty Trash…

I’ll continue testing this today; am I missing any steps that you’ve used to replicate the issue?

I inserted it via the menu, and I put the image into a document. Then tried to trash that document.

Here is how I was able to duplicate the trash empty error.

open beta .25
click reset trial or try
click file
click new project
click in name field
enter test
hit enter
click add item 2 times
hit enter
click middle untitled empty page
click send to trash
click item in trash
right click item in trash
click empty trash
click ok
program crashes

For the duplication I did the following then started again
delete project folder
empty recycle bin

AppName: scrivener.exe AppVer: ModName: qtcore4.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0002e849

P4 3.2 GHz
2.5 GB RAM
XP Home 2002 SP 3

Hope this helps


You are a star. :slight_smile: Thanks everybody for working on this one; I’ve got the steps sent off to Lee, so with luck he’ll be able to get it quickly now.