025 trickier to shuffle images around in corkboard

I hope I’m not “whining” too much about the issues on the new release, but I noticed that it’s a bit trickier to shuffle my images in the corkboard now.

I used to be able to easily drag them where I wanted.

Now-- unless I’m VERY careful-- if I drag 1 (or more) images, they can land “under” another image.
I realize that this might be helpful sometimes to have images under other ones, but since there’s doesn’t seem to be an “undo” for that action, it can make for more work if that’s not my intention.

One a positive note: I love that I can now have an image associated with (and visible) when I’m working on my character sketches. It will be very helpful for the locations also.


Hi Marta,

We’ve actually already made a note on that, so don’t worry about being too picky. :wink: What might help you a bit in the meanwhile is going into Tools>Options… and deselecting the bottom option in the Corkboard tab about allowing drop-ons. That will at least prevent you from dragging cards and having them disappear underneath another card.

Glad you’re liking the images view!