026 Collections

  1. How to I rename a collection? When I double click, it appears that I get to rename it, but it reverts to: New Collection
  2. All of the colors of the tabs change to that of the highest tab I have clicked on. This makes it much less easy to find a tab than if it retained its color.


Hi Doug,

  1. Just make sure you hit the Return key after you’ve renamed the collection.

  2. When you select a tab, all the ones below it (and the binder background, although this isn’t implemented yet) should change to that color to show you which collection you have selected. The names of the tabs should all still be visible, however, and the collection tabs above the selected one should all still have their own color. You can also use View>Collections to switch collections.

Thank you. Why was it so hard for me to figure out that I needed to hit return to lock in the change rather than just click elsewhere? Old age I guess. Duh.