029: Search Takes a Break

I have a complete copy of my novel in SFW. I’m doing a search for a place. Not a replace, just a search. The place was listed nine times. Search found 6, then stopped searching. It didn’t go back to the first one. It didn’t find the last two.

I closed and restarted the program. Did the same search. It found them all.


Thanks for the report. What are your search settings? (If you click the magnifying glass in the search bar, a bunch of options pop up–could you just let me know which ones were checked for your search?) Was the search term always in the text of the document, or was it scattered–ie, was it in the text, in the synopsis, and in a keyword, and you were trying to search for it in all locations? Also, is this using beta 026 or 029, and what version of Windows are you running? Thanks for any details to help track this down!


Only the following options were checked:

  • All
  • Exact Phrase
  • Search Included Documents
  • Search Excluded Documents