046 - 2 crashes

From Event Viewer, Event ID 1000:
Faulting application scrivener.exe, version, faulting module qtgui4.dll, version, fault address 0x0017d2c6.

I had 2 crashes in a row while editing a file in Research. The file, on disk as a .rtf, had been imported into 035 from either .doc or .odt produced a while back by Open Office. I had inserted a new bullet list and was cursoring in the first and only item at the time of both crashes. An older and screwy looking bullet list was right after the new one. I looked at the file on disk using both Lotus Symphony and LO. Both showed the new bullet item messed up; the bullet, very small, on the far right! and text indented at the left. Additional changes in the area and no crashes since.


Thanks for the report. Was the bullet list in the original file in OpenOffice and then did not appear after you’d imported into Scrivener?

The bullet list was in the original and then appeared screwed up in Scrivener.
It was 6 items indented once, maybe .5 inches, from the left in OO/LO.
In Scrivener it showed as 6 items with the first 5 indented maybe 2 inches with small bullets and the last indented properly at .5 inches with a large bullet.
I retyped the list because A.) I’ve had nothing but trouble with lists in odt, both OO and LO with Lotus Symphony not so bad (I use LS for the most part now) and B.) I didn’t see any tools for list indenting and such.


Thanks. I asked because there’s a bug with importing certain characters and the bullet lists, being a “special formatting” kind of thing could really be coded in any way shape or form, so that you were seeing double on that after redoing it was suggestive. Lee thinks he’s got a fix for this issue, happily, so it’s probable then the crash you were seeing with the imported document will be resolved by that.

There should be a list button in the format bar, toward the right end; you can also find these tools under Format>Lists. Using Format>Show Ruler can also help if you’re tweaking indentation and such.