046 - Drag and drop from one project to another

One of my projects has stopped to accept new files on drag and drop, for whatever reason.
As this works fine with other projects, I do not consider it as a bug.
So I make a new project, which will then allow me to add files from Windows Explorer.

Into this new project, I drag and drop the 58 files contained in the old one (which I wish to delete).

Now, before deleting that project, I check the result in the new project.
I have dragged every single folder, checking if the document count was accurate from one project to the other.

But when I look into each folder, I see that it contains what is needed there, AND also the NEXT folder, with all its content. And this was NOT expected.

That does sound unusual. Could you give an example of the hierarchy of the original project’s binder and of the second project’s binder (after you dragged and dropped)? If you still have both projects, screenshots showing this would be great. I just want to make sure I’m understanding how the folders that are being duplicated are placed relative to one another, because I’m trying to reproduce this and haven’t thus far, so it may be particular to the set up. Could you also explain exactly how you’re selecting the files to drag and drop? That is, did you select all, shift-select multiple files, ctrl-click to select multiple folders, or do each one individually? Did you only drag the folders or did you also select their sub-documents specifically?

As for the project not accepting drag and drop, that’s definitely a bug too. There is a drag and drop bug related to the installer, so drag and drop doesn’t always work on initial launch after install, but after restarting Scrivener it should be working. We’re in the process of getting that sorted out, but it sounds like that’s not exactly the issue here if you’re able to drag and drop into other projects during the same session. Are you able to drag and drop into the original project into the editor (to insert an image, for example) and just not into the binder, or is drag and drop not accepted anywhere?

I’m sorry I cannot send you anything : I have deleted the old project, and I have deleted the duplicated files from the new project.

As for hierarchy, there were only 7 folders, with some texts in each.
Four of them have only one single file, the others have children, some with grand children.

In the new project, I created a folder to contain them all exactly as they were before (I intended to mix them later with the new files I had added).

I moved them one by one from one project to the other, checking only the file number as written in binder.
As the folders remained closed, I did not check inside at first.

Once I had them all in the new project, I went into each, starting from bottom, and I saw that the second folder from the bottom contained also the last folder.
I thought this could be my error, from a previous edit of the project. I put the two files together and deleted the empty folder.
When I saw that the third folder from the bottom also contained the next one, I opened all other folders.

Only the very first one I had moved was on its own.
After moving this one, I had made a short break (maybe I did the others too quickly after each other ?).

Maybe the problem is due to the fact that in some way the old project was corrupted.

Should this happen again, I promise, I’ll keep it all and send it to you.