049 - Adding spreadsheet files

I am using 049 on Windows 7 64-bit; I uninstalled 035 before installing 049.

I was able to import non-Word files pre-049 (specifically, Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets with the *.xlsx file extension). However, I am no longer able to do so with 049. When I drag the spreadsheet from my desktop into the Binder, I get the circle with the line through it which, I think, indicates that the drag’n’drop operation is not going to be done.

Likewise, when I go through the “Import files…” command, I am given the standard import warning and I get a file selector window. I am able to select the spreadsheet file, but when I click ok to import it, nothing happens.

Has Scrivener changed how to import spreadsheet files?

It shouldn’t have. Have you made sure you’re dragging/importing to the Research folder (or anywhere that isn’t in the Draft folder)?

One other thing to check, if the spreadsheet is currently stored inside a .scriv folder, that may be preventing it from importing. If that’s the case, try moving it outside the folder and then import again.

I am trying to drag’n’drop the *.xlsx file onto the Research portion of the Binder.

The spreadsheet is not being dragged from a scrivener folder into the Binder; the spreadsheet is on my desktop. I have also copied the spreadsheet to c:,. and I am still unable to either drag’n’drop it or import it from either the Desktop or c:.

Sorry, looks like my mistake; unsupported file types appear to not be allowed for import at the moment. Checking with Lee on this and I’ll get back to you.

In the Mac version, I can export Numbers files as .xls and drag them into Research.
So, it will eventually happen in the Windows version, too. Hang in there.

MM - Okay. Please let me know status. This is one of the features that drives my use of Scrivener since this is one app that can consolidate a number of different file types into a single Binder. Thanks for your support!

druid - This was working on 035 (i.e. I could drag pptx and xlsx files into the Research portion of the Binder) so it definitely is possible in the Windows version. As a matter of fact, it was working very well (for me) on previous betas.

Righto, this was fixed for 1.0 so that you can now import unsupported file types outside of the Draft folder. There’s an option under the Import/Export section of the General tab in Tools>Options… to set whether this is available or not.

Thanks - just downloaded and installed 1.0.0, and am able to import nonstandard filetypes (i.e. *.xlsx) into the Research portion of the Binder.

Good job and congratulations on the release!