1.0.3 Not all meta data is compiling

A compiling a document to create a list of scenes contained in my story. This includes compiling meta data. I’ve just looked at the keyword portion for the compiled document and it only shows one keyword per scene/document, although each scene/document has several keywords assigned.

I’m assuming this is a compile bug as you can give documents multiple keywords. I don’t think it would make sense just to compile one. Interestingly, I arrange my keywords using a certain methodology in inspector. Following pigefenders suggestions about keywords I list them in following order:
Type of scene

It is always the last keyword in the scene’s keyword list that is compiled. Never the first.

Is there a limit to the amount of keywords that can be applied to a document, and how many of these should be available during compile?

Nope, there shouldn’t be a limit, and it’s just a bug that only the last keyword is compiling. Got it on the list; thanks.


I am getting the same compile error - just one keyword from metadata

any news on when this will be fixed?

really need this function to work correctly :slight_smile:

I still see this in 1.25.

When compiling, I check both metadata and synopsis, but when I compile, it’s only printing the last keyword in the list.

Do you know if this is addressed in the 1.5 Beta? I’m just getting back into my novel and wasn’t going to try a Beta, but if the fix is in there, I will.

Unfortunately I did a test with Beta and this bug still exists I’m afraid.

Stacey, thanks for checking that and for pointing me in the right direction.

We haven’t forgotten. If it’s not in for the 1.5 update, it will be in the next one.

Unless I’m doing it wrong, it doesn’t look like the description from the compile/metadata section is making it into windows ebooks either.