1.01 and Dropbox inconsistancy

during the beta phase every time I opened scrivener on one computer and then tried to open the same project on another (file saved to dropbox) I got a box that popped up and told me that the file was already open on another computer, and that opening it again may cause problems.

Since I registered and upgraded to 1.01 I have not gotten the box, it just opens the file. Has something major changed?

You should only ever seen that box if something has malfunctioned. If you neglected to close the project before leaving one computer; didn’t let it completely finish syncing before shutting down; not waiting until it fully syncs before opening it on the new computer; crashes; or just improper shutdowns in general can all make it so that the user lock file is not removed by the time the project is opened on the other machine.

If all is going well, you won’t see that warning. As for why it suddenly stopped, I’m not sure. There might have been a bug in the betas that caused an existing lock file to fail to be removed once ignored or something that is now fixed.