1.03 Can't import web page

I’m trying to import a web page into Scrivener. I go to File > Import> Webpage or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + W but nothing happens when I do this.

I’m expecting a dialog box should pop up to allow allow me to enter an URL and title for the webpage but nothing appears. Not even a progress bar.

I’ve noticed Scrivener handles some web pages easier than others. Is there a script running on the web page? I’ve had trouble importing a lot of javascript-heavy pages.

Hi StaceyUK.

Before doing File --> Import --> Web Page, select the “Research” folder in the Binder. Once “Research” is selected, and highlighted, you should get a dialog box after File --> Import --> Web Page.

Don’t think so. It was a walkthrough I was importing.

Thanks for that. Haven’t had to click the ‘Research’ folder before to import a webpage into Scrivener. Find that behaviour a little weird if I’m honest. It’s not intuitive having to click research folder first. If you hadn’t told me it’s not something I would have tried and I think I’m pretty familiar with Scrivener by now. Thanks again!

Belated response…You shouldn’t have to select the Research folder for the import to work, so I’m not sure what was going on initially that caused you to have this problem–I take it that the menu option wasn’t grayed out and disabled but appeared normal, and simply nothing happened when you clicked it? (E.g. it’s not possible to import into the Trash folder, but then the options shouldn’t be available at all.) If you get this again, could you let me know where the focus is in the interface (e.g. the binder, editor, synopsis, etc.), what’s selected in the binder and what’s loaded in the editor, and what your settings are for default HTML import options under the General tab of Tools > Options?