1.2.1 BETA for Linux Imminent

Hi Linux Users,

we have just launched the update for Windows 1.2.1 and I wanted to let you know that we will be putting together a Linux build and releasing it later this week with all the 1.2.1 fixes that are not Windows specific i.e. the bulk of it.

Thank you for you patience. The official post is here to see the fixes and additions to Scrivener.


Thank you for the update to the Linux beta!!! I am so glad that you all are still supporting Linux. I’ve paid for a Mac and Windows license but I actually prefer to use Scrivener on Linux. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great news.

I want to add weight to what Jackson, the previous poster, said. I also pay for Scrivener under another platform (Windows) so I can go back and forth between my Windows-based desktop and my Linux-based laptop. You are getting money from me, in other words. Plus you have my undying thanks!

-Amazing Blair

Hey, Lee, for installers, have you seen what Humble Bundle is doing? (Heh, now that I can talk about the Bundle that was just released–doing testing for them, too. :wink: ) Their installer will install to a given directory (basically just unpacks it), but some of them also create packages, for the package-loving folks. Might it be an option, so y’all don’t have to provide 4 different distributions?

Another enthusiastic registered user looking forward to the ‘official’ Linux release!

ok, am i missing something or is 1.2x for linux still not available… ?

if it is, where… ?

I think with the snag the windows one had, they’re running behind. Never fear! It’ll turn up. :slight_smile:

ok, i don’t mind waiting.

which snag in particualr do you mean? i had a quick look in the windows forums and their seem to be a range of issues.

I think it’s the problem with opening projects some are having. Big problem is it doesn’t seem reproducible. I bounce between WINE and linux versions, and normally i’m hit with every bug like that. Not this time. :frowning:

Just wanted to stop by and say, I purchased a license as soon as Scrivener for Windows went out of Beta, but since then I’ve migrated to Linux. I’m working on the 1.1 Beta now and I’m every bit as happy with it in its current form as I was with the release version of Scrivener for Windows.

Thank you for making such an excellent product; I would happily buy the license over for Linux as soon as it’s released.

Ditto for me. You have a loyal following – especially at the $49 price range. :wink:

-Amazing Blair

I’ve actually purchased the Windows license, but am trying to convert to Ubuntu Linux before the travesty known as Windows 8 descends on us all. Only problem is, I’m running 64-bit Ubuntu, and I can’t get the available 1.1.0 beta package to install correctly. Sure, I’ve got an icon for Scrivener in my applications folder, but clicking on it does nothing. Literally nothing.

I’m very hopeful that the new 1.2.0 beta includes a 64-bit build (I mean, seriously, who runs 32-bit these days?) and installs in a straightforward manner on Ubuntu 12.04.

the suspense is becoming unbearable…

Preach it brother!

Is there any chance this update will resolve the PDF issues?

One Question:
Where the last Linux-Version of Scrivener?
I searched here and have a lot of threads talk about different things, but no Download.
Some told on the official Scrivener Page there a download for Linux… but I could not see any. Are I’m blind?

Can anyone help me please?

I have an Ubuntu 64bit

The post below.“Beta 1.1.o released”, but it expires on July 31.
You have to use a 32 bit version.

Yeah, to be clear the 1.2.0 version has not yet been released for Linux. The last available version is still 1.1.0.

Version 1.2.1 has been “imminent” for a month now, and the current beta expires in a hair over two weeks. What’s the word, O Insider Dudes?


I think they’re trying to beat down some really nasty bugs that happened with the Windows version…I wouldn’t worry. :slight_smile: