1.4 sluggish performance (memory leak?) of big maps compared with old versions?

1.4 has fixed the unicode display problem - my absolutely favorite change.

However, some of my old maps that are quite large seems no longer as performant as before. I should note that they are large in the sense of containg many nodes and many connections. But I almost never put images in them, so that’s no the source of the problem.

When I open them in my older versions of Scapple, everything feels quite snappy when I navgiate to different parts of the map, and zoom in and zoom out etc. But vesion 1.4, while undoubtedly faster in many other respects (e.g. initial render speed), seems to gradually degrade in performance when I move around my big map (the effect is like viewing an animation on a screen with extremely low refresh rate: smoothness is gone).

Has anyone encountered this problem? I’d be happy to provide the file(s) of mine that’s causing this problem if anyone’s interested.