-- Substitutions Missing

I’ve just upgraded the full Windows Release and the substitutions I had defined previously in 1.2.5 and the 1.5 beta have all disappeared. Is there something I missed in the upgrade process?


Did you run the auto-update? Substitutions are saved as part of the options settings, so they should have survived that. The next update also has them sit apart from the rest of the settings so that you can use the “Defaults” button to restore the factory settings on everything else without losing your customised substitutions. You can also (already) use the “Save Preferences” option to save all your options settings, including the substitutions, so you can load them again later (e.g. on another machine, after uninstalling and reinstalling, or just after messing about with preferences).

Ahhh … that was probably it – I just ran the executable and didn’t think about saving preferences.

Thanks for the feedback and I’ll make sure to save the preferences etc. next time.