Page-breaks after chapter headings when compiled

I’ve just got the latest update and now when I compile my novel there are page-breaks just after chapter headings:

Repro steps:
New novel project.
Add a scene under chapter.
Compile to DOC.


Also, there are now no longer any blank lines preceding the CHAPTER ONE, so that now it appears at the top of a page rather than further down.

I have exactly the same problem here. I did nothing except push the “Compile” button after updating. The problem appears with the PDF and Word outputs. I haven’t tried the others.

Also, every “Page break before” manually checked on individual text files don’t work anymore.

I’m on Windows 7.

This issues has been addressed in Scrivener Can you please check for Scrivener Update and test with the new version. Please, let us know if you still experience this problem.

Great, thanks for the update. That does indeed fix the issue.

It’s now OK for the page breaks before each chapter, but the page breaks on individual text files (when we check them) still don’t work for me.

(Sorry for the syntax, I’m a French Canadian)

@yblue82: can you specify your use case, as our tests show proper Page-Breaks when checked on individual files. It might be that we have missed your case of course. Feel free to send us a complete demo project with few example files that reproduce the problem, or describe your input files and compiled output result here.