1.6 bug on lists: new behavior

Hi all.

Okay. First thing I did was test out the lists (bullet, numeric, etc) to see what the behavior is now on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Here is what I am experiencing now.

  1. The text documents where I had bullets that disappeared; I cannot add a list to them. This is the text that was already created and listed in previous versions of the beta upon using it in v1.6

  2. In order to add the list back (whatever list you like), I had to select the list, and turn the list off for the text by selecting “none”, even though the list was not visible. It appears that Scrivener thinks the list exists, even though it is not visible.

  3. Once I set the list to “none” for the list that previously had the “disappearing list”, I was able to reset the list to the text.

  4. I saved the scrivener file directly after making the changes.

  5. Upon reopening the scrivener file, the list was gone again.

Now, for new lists you create, of course, the list type will show. But again, same behavior; save the file, reopen and it’s gone.

Based upon my observations, it appears that Scrivener is coding the list properly, but is not showing the list visually. Ergo, if you try to re-add a list to a set of text that has a disappeared list, it won’t show because the list is already set.

Once you unset the previously-listed text to “none”, it will behave as you expect; it will show the list for the first time. Then, you experience the behavior you experienced in 1.55.

I hope this makes sense. Bottom line is this; coding for lists appears to exist against text that is listed; it’s just not visible.

So no real workaround at this point. Just an update as to what you will see when you try to re-list any text that was listed in prior versions and was problematic.


Michelle Dear



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The bullet/numeric outline list in documents continues to be buggy after all these years. I’m constantly having to remove all the bullets in the outline and select and reapply. The challenge is that the first time creating the list, it holds. Edit and add another bullet or number item, and tab and shift tab does not align tabs in alignment with the original format, going in half way across the page. I’ve fought with this through every version and was really hoping that with 3 it would be fixed.

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