1.7.2. generates corrupt files when compiling.

1.7.2. generates corrupt files when compiling. This had not happened to me with previous versions. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the one I bought at the time (1.0.3). The worst is that I had it in Castilian so now I have to work in English …

Was the problem occurring across multiple projects or just one? Project possibly corrupted?

If not, perhaps your install of 1.7.2 was corrupted. As this issue is not being reported by others, the problem was most likely local on your computer.

Try re-downloading 1.7.2 (from literatureandlatte.com/scriv … atform=win ) and reinstalling. You can reenter your product/registration code, in Scrivener, via Help. If you use BitDefender on your computer, disable it during the install.

Hope that helps.

What format were you compiling to? Many formats have multiple converters available, so the problem may simply be that the converter being used for that format couldn’t correctly process the project. Simply switching to a different converter may be all you need to do.

As an example, if you were compiling to the DOC format and have Microsoft Office 2007-2013 installed, you’d have three options available. Go to Tools > Options… and in the Import/Export tab, click “Export Converters…”. Select the DOC file format from the drop-down on the left and then look at your options in the drop-down on the right. If you had Microsoft Office as default, I recommend switching to “RTF-Based”, which was the default prior to 1.7.1 and possibly then what you were successfully using earlier.

All the formats with multiple converter options can be changed the same way.