1.7 Font size in Research Project Notes

First thing noticed in 1.7 is the much smaller font sizes. On the documents this can be compensated with zoom, but the project notes in the Research folder are unreadable even with Format>Font>Bigger.

Win XP SP3

I concur. Something must be done about the document and project notes, as they are almost unreadable at the present size. We should be able to set the font and size in the options.

Very small for me too. I assume this has to do with the dpi change discussed in the zoom thread. Probably just needs to have a larger default font size. Which actually raises another question – is there a way to change font for notes anywhere? Seems like it should be a tab in the options but I couldn’t find it.

Small for me as well. No option to chand project/document font size at present.

I once accidentally pasted a piece of formatted text into the document notes…

That is how I discovered that even coloured, indented and bold text can stick there…

Now, I do that all the time : Write and format my project notes inside a file, then cut and paste them into the notes panel.
That makes them quite visible…

For some reason that doesn’t work for me. They still stay tiny.

Well, with the last update, they are smaller indeed…
Ok, I’ll set them even bigger… :smiley:

Much bigger please, because it is really really tiny!