1.72. Spell check bug

This one’s a bit more minor.

  1. Run spell check.

  2. It flags a name.

  3. The name’s not misspelled, so I click Find Next.

If there are no further misspelled words, Scrivener stops and doesn’t do anything else. It doesn’t say the spell check is completed or that there aren’t any other words. It just stops.

“Find Next” just cycles through to the next instance, so yes, if that word is the only flagged word in the document then “Find Next” doesn’t really do much. I’ve put this on the list for consideration. A message that you’re at the end of the document might get tedious every time you hit the last word, but some indication in this instance might be helpful. Maybe “Find Next” could just be disabled if there are not any other flagged words in the document.