Released - 27th January 2015

Hi folks,

We are pleased to announce the released of Scrivener for Windows today. Here are the highlights:

Refinements and Changes

  • Scrivener no longer includes HTML data on the clipboard when copying text, forcing Word and other programs that read both to paste the RTF contents. Pasting into Word thus now preserves paragraph formatting and inline images as well as comments and footnotes. Programs that do not read RTF data will paste as plain-text.
  • Added an option to the File > Export > Files… dialog to exclude a container’s subdocuments.
  • Adjusted the menu entry for Duplicate > with Subdocuments to the more explicit Duplicate > with Subdocuments and Unique Title.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a crash when switching focus from an inspector footnote to another document in a composite Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug whereby invalid RTF characters within a project could cause significant lag on the initial project search of a session. After upgrading to 1.8.5, Scrivener will rebuild a project’s search file as part of the first search, correcting the problem for subsequent loads. Alternatively, you can use Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes on any project to update its search file and correct the problem before running a search.
  • Fixed a bug with the trial timer.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong text to be changed when converting inline annotations to inspector comments within a table.
  • Fixed a bug causing File > Export > Files… to omit inspector comments and not bracket inline annotations when exporting to plain-text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing MathType equations created on a Mac from compiling on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the paragraph formatting of text marked with Preserve Formatting to extend to the end of the document when an inspector footnote immediately followed the preserved text.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the initial character formatting of inspector footnotes could also affect the footnote reference in some compile formats such as PDF and ODT. References now all use the font of the initial footnote, taken from the main text wherein the footnote falls.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause character formatting in the anchor text to extend to the remainder of the paragraph when compiling comments as footnotes or endnotes or compiling inspector footnotes as endnotes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause inspector comments and footnotes in copied text to be offset when pasting over existing text.
  • Fixed a bug that created an extra blank document when using the Document Split command within a composite Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the editor focus was lost when using the Document Split command in a Scrivenings session. Focus now moves to the start of the newly-split document.
  • Fixed a bug causing character formatting such as highlighting and bold not to toggle correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in scriptwriting mode whereby Enter did not correctly change elements from a parenthetical.
  • Fixed a bug in scriptwriting mode that prevented the font from updating when switching the script element of selected text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing script elements in imported FDX files from being recognised.
  • Fixed a bug that returned both double and single quote marks when searching for double.
  • Fixed a bug with Import and Split that added an empty line to each document when stripping out a separator character that sat on its own line.
  • Fixed a bug preventing DOC, DOCX, and ODT files from correctly importing when the file path contained certain special characters.
  • Fixed a bug whereby zipped backups with special characters in the filename could be inaccessible via WinRAR.
  • Fixed a bug causing compiled footnote references to revert to Courier New when followed by an empty line.
  • Fixed a bug that gave an incorrect contents list in Compile if the saved compile group was no longer in the Draft.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using the Tab key to move focus from an index card’s title to its synopsis on the corkboard.
  • Fixed a bug causing the editor not to scroll to Find by Formatting results within a document in a Scrivenings session.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the progress bar in the editor footer to not update immediately when switching documents.
  • Fixed a bug preventing project auto-completions working when immediately preceded by a quote or punctuation mark.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause formatting problems when importing or pasting text that had “Keep lines together” set in an external program.
  • Fixed a bug causing the disclosure triangle not to appear after using Import & Split with a single document or empty folder selected.
  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener’s default DOC importer to fail when importing an RTF-Based DOC file.
  • Fixed a bug preventing drag-and-drop webpage import from Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug whereby clicking a Scrivener link within a document also selected it when the navigation options were set to open links in the current editor.
  • Fixed a bug causing Find by Formatting to search only the container document of a composite Scrivenings session when set to search in selected documents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the editor to scroll too quickly when selecting text with the mouse in a Scrivenings session with Typewriter scrolling enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with some Ctrl key shortcuts in the binder, such as Ctrl+Shift+N, that could cause the following action (Import, rename) to apply to the previously selected folder.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the title column of the outliner to expand to the full width of the editor after viewing a single document in group view mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing Export > Outliner Contents as CSV not to work when the focus was outside the editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Alt-clicking a checkbox in the outliner did not apply the setting to all the items when a multiple selection was loaded.
  • Fixed a bug whereby text highlighting obscured the project search results highlight.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow negative line spacing in pasted text, causing the text to appear scrambled.
  • Fixed a bug causing images in the Trash folder to appear in the list of available cover images for ebook compile.
  • Fixed a bug whereby “Save As Collection” was not properly disabled when the project search was limited to the binder selection, causing inconsistent results.
  • Fixed several bugs with the “Capitalize ‘i’” auto-correction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused words connected with an en dash, em dash, or ellipsis to be treated as one when using Ctrl+Left/Right to navigate through the text.
  • Fixed a bug causing any template with “NaNoWriMo Novel” in the name not to appear in the New Project window.
  • Fixed accelerator key conflicts in the Tools > Writing Tools submenu.
  • Fixed a display bug showing both the C and S underlined in View > Collections > Collections when using the Alt accessibility keys.
  • Tweaked the WordNet tool to display the database entry for “to be” for most tenses of the verb.

Lee & Tiho & Jennifer

Well, I guess I didn’t manage to sell the serendipity of this so-called bug. :cry:

Minor question here … when is 1.8.5 going to be available for download, rather than as an updater? I’m running the Windows version under CrossOver (WINE) as you know; I got the “Update Available” pane and downloaded it, but it has disappeared and in any case I’m not sure how I’d do the updating through CrossOver.

Mr X

Quite an improvement in Scrivener’s loading and operating efficiency with a large project. My 8400-doc repository, which formerly required 550 MB per Task Manager, now requires 140, and loads noticeably faster than before.

I was briefly distressed over the loss of HTML Clipboard copying, as I have AutoHotKey scripts that rely on this capability. But it’s still available via Copy Special, even from Project Notes. :smiley: Scripts successfully modified.

Thanks, ScrivTeam – Jerome

This link apparently gets the job done… 8)

We were having some upload trouble with the regular servers. The 1.8.5 download is available now via the usual website links, here.

Thanks MM, and to Ioa for the PM.


Mr X

During the last three updates of Scrivener for Windows my anti-virus software (System Mechanic) has blocked a file, deeming it malicious, a Trojan. I think the last file had to do with the dll library. I have yet to discern any consequences from the exclusion of these files. I wonder if my anti-virus program has been misdiagnosing these files or have the updates I’ve downloaded over the last year really been compromised?

To be more precise, System Mechanic blocked Scrivener/DOCFORMATS/DOC2ANY/LIB/HTMLTOPDF.DLL,
designating it a W32/HEURISTIC-mu2IE.

Probably not the right place to post this (so apologies for that!), but are there currently any plans to make Scrivener available via the Windows Store? I’m running a Surface 2 (the basic RT version) and would love to be able to use Scrivener when I’m out & about… (Windows RT devices can only use applications available via the Windows store as far as I can tell)

Aren’t RT and the standard Windows different flavors too? If so, will it even work?