1.9.7 Deleted Collections

Updated to Scriv this morning – according to the release notes, they’ve done a lot of work on IOS syncing (which I don’t care about since I don’t use it) and upgrades to collections (which I sorta care about because I occasionally use them.)

It wiped out my Collections – which is to say, it left the collections tabs, but removed everything in them. As noted, not a biggie for me since I only occasionally use them and can re-input the stuff I do use it for pretty easily, but if you’re a big-deal Collections user, you might consider hanging on 'til they sort that out (assuming they know about it at all…)

Can you please share some more info about this, jwillingham? Can you reproduce it? Does it happen with all your projects? Which version did you use before upgrading to v1.9.7.0?

Can’t reproduce it, as the “Collections” function seems to be working fine. I just had a wad of “Collections” (which I was only so-so about using anyway, so this wasn’t a huge problem) and when I upgraded from 1.9.6, the “Collections” tabs remained but were empty. Don’t have much more info than that – Win 10 Pro, Upgrade from 1.9.6 to 1.9.7.