1.9 and Linux?

I see that Scrivener 1.9 for Windows is out. This presents me with a dilemma – I use a Linux machine for occasional writing away from home, and projects from 1.9 won’t be compatible with older versions, which presumably includes the Linux beta. I guess there’s always Wine, but it would be nice to have a native version that was interoperable with Windows. Is there any chance of that happening before November?

I will be affected by that too.

literatureandlatte.com/forum/vi … 15#p203327

Long post by KB on the second page. :slight_smile:

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Mr X

Sorry mate, your link doesn’t seem to work.

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I think it may be this one:


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I guess I copied the truncated version of the URL in a post, rather than opening the page myself and copying it from the location bar … Oh well, Brookter has given you the proper link.


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Thanks for the link. So there will be a new beta … sometime? I think I may just stick with the old Windows version for now – there doesn’t seem to be any upside in updating, as I don’t care about Mac interoperability.

Good grief… that’s what I get for trusting people and upgrading without coming down here first. No decent words left. Damn.

The Windows 1.9 update announcement, both in the auto-updater and in the change list on the website, stated that 1.9 uses a new file format incompatible with earlier versions of Scrivener; I’m sorry this was not clear in regards to Linux being an earlier version. You can download Scrivener for Windows 1.8.6 from here if you have already upgraded but need to revert. Any projects you have updated to the new format will have made a backup copy in the original format during the process, so you can restore that to continue working between Windows and Linux. We should have news about Linux next week.

Where’s the emoticon for eagerly pricked ears when I need it? That does sound hopeful.

The week is almost over… just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Hi… Ages ago, I purchased Scrivener for Windows, and then I never reallly used it. I have since switched to a Linux system and am working on a new novel, and decided to finally roll up my shirtsleeves and work on the new book using this tool all my writer friends love, and… was bummed to see that apparently there is no released Linux version. Furthermore, the current beta link I found didn’t let me install it, saying that beta expired. So I poked around and found this thread… is it true that a new beta for Linux is forthcoming? How can I be sure I hear about it when it is released? And is there any talk of an actual formal release for Linux soon? I am hoping if there is, my windows license will entitle me to it. I was chagrined that going to the main front page for Scrivener came up with no mention of Linux at all, even of the beta (if there is one). It feels like they don’t even want people to know it is there.

Hi all - In case you haven’t yet seen the announcement, there’s a 1.9 build available for Linux now, and other news: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/linux-1-9-01-beta-released/31623/1

(Sorry it was later than I’d said previously. It took a little longer to get the various packages together.)