10 years and counting

I’ve just realised I’ve been using Scrivener for over ten years!

I started using it for a novel, but now it has taken over almost every part of my written world! Novels, short stories, education assignments, planning website-structure, children’s homework, christmas wish-lists, shopping lists(!), etc., etc., etc.

It even got me started on latte. :smiley:

So, just stopping by to say thank you (again) to Keith, and everyone who’s been involved since those earliest days. You’re absolute stars!


Another six months and I’ll be at ten years also.
Like you, I’m more a victim of technology than a generator.
And I have developed an appreciation for latte.
Although Irish coffee is still the drug of…
… I mean the drink of choice.


I’ve been here for 10 years too, but I’m afraid I still drink my coffee unpolluted with any liquids or soluble solids. :smiley:


In our house, the milk is polluted with coffee (in the wife’s cup) but in mine the coffee starts to slur its words and trips over it’s own feet till we are both lying on the floor in a puddle. I blame it on Vic-k.

I’m still a youngun with 10mo’s left till my 10yr. doesn’t feel like 10yr. Some parts of it feel like 30 (interaction with vic-k?) and others like a few weeks (different interactions with vic-k). I will say that the entire decade interacting with the scriv team has been great. Hopefully I’ll get another decade with the people and the product.

Eleven for me. And only coffee in my coffee, please. My one and only latte came between flights in the Santiago airport: Latte was the only thing I could recognize on the Starbucks menu. It tasted like coffee meant for people who don’t like coffee.

Started with Scrivener in beta after developing a Word allergy, at first to write my magazine column and nonfiction, but shortly I was using it to edit and manage every aspect of the magazine, from submissions to authorial back-and-forths to those Ten-Year Vision Plans corporate apparatchiks are always making Editors write. In my spare time I wrote two books with Scriv, and am working on a third.

As I said in a similar thread elsewhere on this site, I started with Word at V1.01 and saw the program start well but get progressively worse as it got progressively bloated. Since switching to Scrivener, it’s made my life one helluva lot easier every year, and has done so with minimal bloat. Though, of course, I use only about 30 percent of the program.

19 days until my 10th anniversary with Scrivener. Double espresso, for me, please. No contaminants.

I’ve had to go and check now, and my anniversary (the earliest creation date I can find) is 9th July 2006 – when Scrivener Gold was still freeware (i.e. before the release of Scrivener 1.0). I couldn’t believe my luck in finding it. It was – even then (before later features were added) – the perfect software for me!

At the time I felt I was arriving rather late to the party. :smiley:

Beta 0.1.0b, October 28, 2005! I was already pestering Keith to death a week before the first beta was released, based on mere screenshots from the request for testers (which culminated in the inline annotations feature). It might be reasonable to say the software has had a small measure of impact on where my life went since then. :mrgreen:

Still drinking mainly tea like a good heretic. But by the gallon.

AmberV!!! ~waves excitedly~
You are definitely one of the stars from those early days (and since, I know), with your encyclopaedic knowledge and pointers to getting it right.

The number of times I never even had to ask the question, because you’d already answered it somewhere else :smiley: Thank you too!

Aw, you’re quite welcome! I do what I can. :slight_smile: