$1000 MacBook Pro with Retina? Maybe

If you’ve got patience and are willing to buy through eBay, Apple Insider says you may be able to score a great deal on MacBooks and iPads Here’s a relevant quote:

The full story is here:

appleinsider.com/articles/13/02/ … shed-ipads

Keep in mind that this is probably being driven by lower-than-expected sales. It may also be true, however that the next generation of laptops, those using Intel’s upcoming Haswell chips, may offer new features, such as longer battery life, that may mean that Apple is afraid with being stuck with large inventories of the old when the new comes out.

And, as always, it’s good to also watch Apple’s Mac refurb page:


I managed to pick up a latest-model, mid-range Mac mini there at $120 off list and I’m delighted by it, particularly since I upgraded to 16 Gig of memory for another $100.

–Michael W. Perry, Tolkien Warriors: The House of the Wolfings