Hi Everyone,

On Saturday afternoon (Oz time), if all goes well, I plan on uploading beta 020. This beta is getting pretty close to end target. There is a whole bunch of bugs that have been fixed in this release (more than any other release) - many of which I know some of you have been waiting on for quite sometime. It’s pretty exciting. Scrivener is really starting to shape up now.

Over the beta period we have logged 418 bugs, we are down to the last 90 now. This release has 58 fixes which I will provide a more detailed report in the release notes, plus we have done some really cool stuff like - fixed all the font, and color issues set in multiple places, annotations and footnotes, search highlight etc. has all been fixed - hopefully permanently. We have also enable full customization of full screen colors, fonts, background color, and more. This is now separate from the main editor color and font settings. We’ve also made the full-screen mode completely distraction free i.e. you can have a black background, black editor, green font (or whatever), and even the scroll bars will fade way after a few seconds. You can simply mouse over the area where the scroll bars were to display them again. We’ve also addressed all the import and export issues. It’s been a pretty hectic week but Scrivener is looking good. There’s still lots to do but we’re in good shape.

We are as certain as we can be at this stage that an end of month/1st week of April release is imminent.


This is so exciting! Thank you so much for all your hard work! Can’t wait to download the latest and greatest!

You guys rock!!! Thanks Lee!!


Sounds great! Have you managed to tweak that unshrinkable Inspector issue in regular view? (The one that makes the vertical height of the window go below the Windows toolbar?)

Either way–WooHoo!

Just wanted to chime in, too, with thanks and admiration! :smiley: Watching this software “grow up” has been really, really exciting. You’ve done a fabulous job, Lee. Thank you!

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WooHoo …

Great work Lee!

Woo! Is Excited.


Thanks for all your hard work! x

I hate to insist on this, but will Project Search be available in the next beta? Worse still, is it available in the current one and I can’t find it?

Excellent news, by the way.

I think it’s already there. Just type what you want to search in the box beside the magnifying glass. The triangle gives you a drop down menu of choices. Is that what you were looking for?

Yay! Indeed it was there and I was too blind to see. I kept going back to Ctrl+F, silly me. Thank you for the heads up, Stacey!

Guess all I need now is a Replace in the entire project feature. Or maybe it’s already there and I can’t find it? :unamused:

That sounds great! Come on Saturday!!!

Had to stop by and say Scrivener is awesome even in beta form. Lee and crew, you guys are doing a wonderful job. I’m looking forward to the official release.

Seriously. I have used Scrivener for everything ever since about the second beta version. I just love it and you guys have done such a great job on it, and with listening to all of us on what we’d like. You guys are doing great!

This has not been fixed yet. Sorry, but we will get to it.


I’m patient! Meanwhile, I thought I’d let you know the installer worked perfectly for the new .20 beta (from .19) for the first time. (Using Windows XP on Parallels on OSX 10.6)

Looking good! Thanks for all your work!

Just FYI. It does work fine if the window is maximized.