Hi All,

We have made some excellent progress this week with finalizing the last of the RTF bugs for import, export and cut and paste of RTF:

Bugs fixed include:
Tables, - simple and complex nested structures.
Page breaking
Apostrophes/Smart Quotes
Paragraph spacing
Paragraph indenting and positioning
Line spacing
Code page mapping for foreign characters, symbols etc.
Footnotes - import both Scrivener and RTF style, and smart export to Scrivener or RTF style. We now support both footnote and endnotes.
Info Group settings in the export dialog i.e. title, authors name, copyright info etc.

The four days next week prior to Christmas we will be fixing the following compile bugs:

Compile to an RTF file exports a document where every character is run on a single line down the left-hand side of the page and repeated a number of times - i.e. resulting in 1,000s of pages in Word.

Page breaks don’t show up regardless of what set in compile options across RTF or TEXT exports. Whether one chooses the Page Break Before option in the Inspector or the Compile Menu (Content Tab) or the Text and Folder Separation Page Break option (Separators Tab) in the Compile Menu, the final version won’t have any page breaks at all. 2. Empty lines disappear when exporting to rtf.

The Compile feature doesn’t formatting the text according to the user-selected settings. i.e. both the Manuscript format (a pre-defined format) and a format or custom formats i.e. just altering the font face and the size results in the exact same document, which looks to be just the text without any sort of formatting at all.

Compile for .pdf and .rtf options… When selecting compile option to include footnotes as footnotes, the text is included inline, and not as a footnote, in the compiled version. When the compile option is to include footnotes as endnotes, it is included correctly as an endnote in the .pdf, and almost correctly in the .rtf. (In Word 2007, the endnote number appears above the line and the text appears below; in OpenOffice Writer, the endnote number appears once at the end of the document followed by a single quote, and then again followed by the endnote text.

I will uploading an early Christmas gift on the 24th Dec 2010 with all of these fixes. Then I plan on taking a break for a week - heck I might even do some writing of my own; now there’s a novel idea :slight_smile:

I wish everyone of you the best for the holiday season. Thank you for your patience and on-going support, for me, that’s one of the best aspects of Scrivener for Windows. I’m looking forward to chin-wagging with many of you on the forums when I have more time post February.


Line and paragraph spacing? YAY! Thanks so much Lee, I’ve been waiting for this. An early Happy Christmas to you, too, and thanks for your ‘gift’. :wink:

You are so punny Lee. +1

Also, LINE SPACING? YAY! :smiley:

Yay, awesome! Line and paragraph spacing have been the two most missed features for me so far. Getting actual working hyperlinks will be nice as well.
I’m doing a happy dance right now. :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your hard work.

Line spacing!

w00t! :mrgreen:

Again looking forward to it. Make sure you take some time off.


Sounds wonderful, and definitely liking your ‘novel’ ideas :wink:

Have it good, Lee,


I see wat u did thar :wink:

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy your Christmas break. You’ve earned it.