2 1/2 days of sheer mind-numbing horror & confusion, BUT

I think I cracked the code about half an hour ago, got over the hump–pick the metaphor of your choosing–and I’ve decided I LOVE DevonThink. :smiley: For my tired little braincells it was an Everest of a Learning Curve but after much trial and error, I’m pretty okay with the basics now. Drag and drop is my friend, as I have trouble remembering what exactly a panel or a window is (I always for some reason think curtains :open_mouth: ). [size=85]An added side benefit is that I’ve had two entire days of NOT obsessing about the magnum opus out there somewhere in the cybersphere[/size].

So far I’ve transferred most of my documents into various databases. No pictures or music, don’t see a real need for that, and I’m still not clear on the various merits and disadvantages of indexing over importing and what gets changed and copied where, but I have a glimmer of a gist about how it all works. Bring on the Replicants!

(Jaysen has counselled me to keep it simple stupid, and I think that’s very wise advice. Not that I’ve been able to follow it so far… :blush: )

Actually I suggested to keep it “stupid simple”. The iteration you used calls a person stupid. The iteration I use describes the level of simplicity. My experience is a that stupid people can’t keep things simple.

Jaysen, your kindness escaped me. Only because I have had that phrase, inverted, directed at me so frequently over the years I go on automatic when I hear any variation of it. :laughing:

Doing my best to cultivate SS. And you’re right. It’s tough. :blush: