2.1 + Lion: Possible to open up word in external dictionary?

I’m finding the new Lion dictionary popup nice for some things, but lacking enough for me to wish to return to the full dictionary. (The popup isn’t the slightest bit keyboard friendly)

Basically is there a way for the “Look up in dictionary” command to pass the word / phrase to the full dictionary app?


Just click on “Dictionary” in the pop-up - that will open the full dictionary app.

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Ahh brilliant.

For 2.1.1, I’ve also changed it so that “Look Up in Dictionary and Thesaurus” opens the Dictionary.app directly, and I’ve added another “Look Up ‘Word’” item to the top of the menu that opens the popover.

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Awesome, because the popup just doesn’t show enough for serious use (as in really writing)!


Also, if you click on a definition, the full details will appear in the pop-up (instead of the précis that it opens with). Still not keyboard friendly, but at least all the information is available without launching the full dictionary.

Ah… is there away to make it a Command Key, if that is possible?

I use the Keyboard / Keyboard shortcuts settings in System Preferences to set my own.

I also have a Spark preset that gives me another shortcut that not only looks up in dictionary but changes the dictionary app to my tab of choice. I can supply the applescript if useful.

Totally missed that.
There is a saying that says something about trees and forests and only blind men can actually see.

thanks that did it.

Was searching this very question on the forum and I missed it as well! Thanks for the tip.