2.7 syncing much slower than 2.6

I’ve got a large project (>1000 documents) with a handful of documents (~30) syncing to an external folder. Previously this sync would happen in seconds. With the 2.7 update, it now takes quite a while as Scrivener counts more slowly through all of the documents that don’t require sync. This wasn’t the case in 2.6. Anyway to speed this up to the previous performance level?

How are you selecting which documents should be synced, with a Collection? Have you double-checked to make sure it is still set up the way you expect, both in the list of items itself, and the setting to use that list?

As far as I know, the status bar during sync has always printed the total possible count, even if only a portion of that count was being actively analyzed. So in a project with a sync collection set up to 10 files out of 700, I would still see “700” in the progress bar, but the bar would only halt and check ten times. Would you say that the thirty documents are processed more slowly, or that 1,000 documents are being processed?

I’m using a collection to select which documents to sync. There are a couple dozen documents in this collection, but more than a thousand in the Scrivener project. The settings and the collection list are as they should be - it is not syncing extraneous files to the folder.

It’s not the status bar count that’s changed—that’s always shown the total number of documents. The difference is that the status bar now progresses much slower. Whereas previously it would be nearly instantaneous, pausing only on the few dozen documents in the collection, now it goes more slowly through the count. Total sync time previously was 2-3 seconds. Now it’s 20-30 seconds or so… which really adds up.

Yeah, okay I see what you mean. I created a test project with around a 1,000 items, put one of them in a collection, set up sync to only use that collection and it spooled through all thousand files just to create the one it needed to. I’ll make of note of it for Keith to look into, it seems to me that could be optimised, but I don’t know all of the specifics. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks! It was introduced in the 2.7 update so hopefully nothing too major…

Any update on this issue?

It’s a filed bug report? :slight_smile:

I’m up to 1500 documents in my project… this bug is really dragging things down. Any ETA on a fix?