Beta - Dark themes still broken

Text color is still black on dark themes, so it’s almost unreadable.

You may want to look at the text color of your font settings. If it is set to no color, then the text should have a lighter color in dark mode.

Thanks; setting text color to no color solved it. But during compilation will it default to black?

It should. I haven’t tried compiling yet, but I think that is the expected behavior.

Yes, for almost all formats, black is the default for text that has “no color”, so if you compile to PDF, “no color” text will be black. Same if you compile to RTF, or Word formats. Compiling straight to printing? Same default.

There’s rarely a reason to color your text black, and rarely a good reason to color it any other color. However, if you do, there is a “remove text color” check-box in the compile window that you can turn on, so that you can be sure the output is set to the default.

Regarding Dark Mode, why is the title bar of the app not also Dark? This is the way Dark Mode apps appear in Windows 10, but Scrivener does not obey this design convention.

Example shown:

Now, I know Scrivener uses specific development tools and libraries that don’t necessarily match the ‘native’ Windows dark mode exactly, but this is something that I think should be changed if possible to better fit with the OS.

It’s jarring to use Windows 10’s dark mode where all of the apps have the correct titlebar color except for Scrivener.