[ beta] PDF import bug


I have my main editor window settings as Fixed width (770) with editor margins (100) in the ‘Appearance’ options page.

I’m importing a PDF file into the RESEARCH folder via dragging/dropping (which then converts it to RTF) and it shows up OK in the research folder.

However this new page has a narrower window (wider margins) than all my existing text files - so now when I go to any of my existing manuscript documents they’ve all inherited the same window format as the new RTF document in Research folder. My Editor settings are still set to 770 & 100 but they’re no longer being applied - the RTF document window page settings seem to be over-ruling them.

Restarting Scrivener fixes the issue (but only if I have NOT saved the file since importing the PDF document)

Probably best to report this in the beta testing forum, where they are collecting all such.