2.9.10 - Outline view is SLOW, Binder "Select All" is SLOW.

To test the Duplicate function, I made several hundred copies of a scene (399, for a total of 400 scenes in the chapter).

Then I split the editor into 2 panes, and set the second one in outline view of the chapter.

Remember the behavior in the Binder on “Select All”, where Scrivener seemed to lock? It has infected the outline view. I waited a minute, and it resolved, but it’s the same problem, or appears to be (it’s not quite as bad, but).

And it does this every time. The wait time on showing outline view in an editor pane, with many scenes involved, is excessive. The entire editor locks; nothing else can be done.

I made a short video showing the problem, but the mouse clicks are difficult to see. 1 min 8 secs after selecting “Chapter”, all 400 scenes show in outline view in the second pane and are clickable.

And in Binder, “Select All” has about the same wait time. It is SLOW. It didn’t crash, but it’s SLOW.

On the plus side, Duplicate did not crash Scrivener. :wink:

I have noticed this too, in fact the beta seems generally sluggish (simply editing text, switching from one document to another, etc.) I realise it’s a beta, so there’s probably optimisation to come, and I’ve not worked much with any of the earlier betas, so can’t really compare. But I was expecting the switch to a nice modern, 64-bit program to result in a sprightly piece of software, and it hasn’t yet.

(Just FYI, I’m running Scrivener under Windows 10, Core i7-6700, 3.4 ghz, 16Gb RAM, Samsung Evo SSD, NVidia GTX 1060 graphics card – should be plenty powerful enough, I would have thought.)

Also, it takes a while to load that particular test document, and there are some other funny behaviors right after loading; I click in a document, and Scriv goes into wait mode again, for over a minute.

I’m glad the duplicate bug is squashed.

I posted my issue with changing chapters and is not reflecting on the inspector.