Scrivener warns of conflicts but does not create a 'Conflicts' folder


I thought I would report that I’m seeing some unexpected data loss using Scrivener with an iPad as well as the Windows beta! I’m not sure if this bug report should be here or on the iOS forums so please point me that way if it belongs there.

Usually I’m pretty good about making sure I sync things properly but either I opened Scrivener on my Desktop before Dropbox had fully finished uploading or I didn’t sync it properly on the iPad (sorry I can’t recall exactly which was the case).

Scrivener on Windows popped up the yellow conflict box and I assumed I would have a Conflicts folder to resolve the versions however there doesn’t seem to be one. The file I wrote is completely blank and when I opened the blank file on Windows that did sync properly to the iPad so now it’s blank in both places.

As far as I can tell that particular file is completely gone now which isn’t great but I have accepted it. That said, it seems like a bug to lose data because a conflicts folder never gets created. (Maybe this is expected)

Thank you for the good work so far on the Windows Beta – other than this one hiccup it’s been fantastic!