2 separate documents open together, or in split screen?

Hi everyone, apologies if this has been asked before, but I did search and couldnt find much. Ive seen alot of info on using the split screen mode but that’s only half of what i need. I tend to write story beats in a text file either on my phone or elsewhere and then later import in into scrivener to break down as individual index cards or points in the outliner so I can easily move them around and reorder.

The problem Im having is I want to be able to open the text file with all the beats written in one file and in another window, possibly split screen, open the folder as the outliner, or as index cards, so I can start creating new cards for each beat on the text document, basically cut and paste the text to an index card.

Is there a way to keep the text file open all the time so it wont disappear every time i click on something else?

Problem Im having with split screen is I open the index card section in one, and in the other split I have the text document i want to copy the text from. Every time I click one of the index cards, or rows in the outliner, it resets the other panel in the split screen to display the data for the index card I have selected.



It sounds to me as though at some point you enabled the auto-load feature. Check in the footer bar of your Outliner split, is the arrow icon blue? If so, click it so that it is grey, now the splits should be de-coupled.

Note you also may wish to make use of the Lock in Place feature (Ctrl-Shift-L or View/Editor/Lock in Place) to keep a particular editor split from loading anything automatically, including clicks from the Binder.

Omigosh, that’s it, Thanks AmberV!! And the second feature locking it will be super useful too! Thanks you!!