20 iOS productivity apps on sale

If you’ve purchased an iPad in anticipation of Scrivener for iOS, you might like to know that Apple’s iOS app store has 20 productivity apps marked down:

appleinsider.com/articles/14/08/ … mited-time

Most seemed to be marked down over 50%. No clear indication of how long the sale will last, so act quickly if you are interested.

–Mike Perry

It’s disturbing how many of those I use (and how many of the rest I’ve tried). :blush:

I has just bought two of them. Thanks for the link!

Oh, I should have also mentioned that if you are planning to buy an iPad when Scrivener for iOS comes out, you can still buy these apps via iTunes. They’ll be there when you get that iPad and will even update normally. I did that before I got my first iOS device, a iPod touch. If you know you’ll need some of these apps, the discounts probably won’t get any better than these offers.

And waiting until you must is always a good idea with digital devices, particularly mobile ones like tablets and smartphones. Delay a few months, and you’re likely to get either a better device for the same price or a less-expensive used or refurb version of an older one. Waiting a few months may mean you get a model that won’t be obsoleted by Apple for an extra two years or so.

That’s why I’m delaying replacing my iPhone 3GS until the iPhone 6 comes out and lowers the price of a used Verizon iPhone 5. And it’s why I keep putting off replacing my 7-year-old MacBook. It still runs Scrivener fine, and that’s all I use it for.

Since I make my living writing, editing, and laying out books, I used to always have two up-to-date computers, a desktop and a laptop, so I always had a backup. Recently, I decided that I can live with an underpowered laptop. If my latest model Mac mini goes, I’ll just rush order a replacement. I may pay a bit more, but money I might have to spend comes cheaper than money I do spend.

Another money-saving tip is to watch:


To attract customers, every few weeks an online store will offer iTune cards at a 15-20% discount (i.e. a $50 card for $40). Buy one to fill your iTunes account and you’ll save that much every time you buy and not have the hassle of those little 99 cent purchases being run through your credit card. It works with books, apps and music.

Also, if you need a good password manager, 1Password for iOS is on sale for 40% off or $9.99. Since it is highly encrypted, I use it to keep credit card number and the like on my iPhone.