2010 NaNoWriMo coupons

Many thanks for Scrivener, it’s great to work with. I’ve used the beta version for the last year, and now wish to purchase it. I have a coupon for 50% discount as I was a NaNoWriMo winner last year, but of course have not been able to use it as Scrivener was not live, and now it’s expired.

Can I still use it to buy Scrivener at half price as I’m not likely to be a NaNoWriMo winner this year, so won’t be eligible for a 2011 discount coupon.

If my 2010 coupon can still be used, on what date will it expire?

Yes, your coupon can still be used. It will expire at the end of the year.

The 2010 coupons are good through the end of the year, so you’re welcome to use it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words and for supporting Scrivener!

Thank you! That’s good news, I’m a happy camper! Scrivener rocks.

Yeah, I just found my printout of my code from last year, but it appears to have expired. I’d like to gift my code from last year—I won this year as well—but, as I mentioned, the code that I got from last year apparently expired in May? I was wondering if it was at all possible to regain the code.


This program ROCKS.

EDIT: Addressed! =D