2014 NaNo - Who's in?

Most years, I’m unprepared. Most years, I’m continuing an older project. Heck, most of the time, I don’t even aim for 50k.

But this year, this year I’m ready. The plot’s been germinating for six months. The outline is about half done. The research is speeding along, and I’m itching to start writing.

Also: Scapple + Scrivener? Magic.

Are you writing this year?

I’m also in. Third time. Trying to do it right this time :slight_smile:

I’m in and wanting to check out the NaNo free trial of this product. When is it due to be released - does anyone know?


I’m in and excited, as I have recently discovered Scrivener’s companion, Scapple!

As with most years, I’m kinda prepared. Ideas and characters are slowly making their way onto my screen, but it’s no where near finished with that stage of development. The one year I was successful I spent about a month sussing out an outline before I ever wrote a word.

I’m in… been doing Nano since 2009… and managed to (just) ‘win’ each year… the secret is just write… and write… and write a bit more…

I tend to use it as brain dumping ideas and thinking for a project… and then come back to it at a much later date…

keeps me out of trouble :wink:

I’m in, second time. The first time was a disaster. Then my laptop got stolen, providing me with a convenient excuse.

I’m rebelling this year though. I’ll start writing in late October, since I already have school by the time Nano rolls around.

I’m in, for the third or fourth time officially. I “won” in 2009, but you will all note that was a long time ago. I am currently outlining plot points and creating characters.

I downloaded the NaNo trial about a month ago; so, it’s available now. That said, I had to uninstall my other Scrivener trial before doing the NaNo one to get it to work–it’s great!

Hope that helps…


I am IN. . . I’ve even got my Synopsis posted on the NaNo site. Feel free to add me as a buddy:


I’ve been in the past three; but, this year I’m GOING to win!


I’m in. Started already. Warmed up with NIAD last weekend.

Warming up the engines too!

Yes I am in this year :smiley:

I’m giving it a try as well. I’m going to download the trial tomorrow so I can check it all out.

I did NiaD, and it really inspired me to get started writing more regularly. Pigfender is awesome.

Pigfender is awesome we need him on here spurring as along for the next month :slight_smile:

Ayup, I’m in. This is the fifth year. Haven’t always “won” but I did finish a novel, “Pasayten Pete,” then a second, “Masi’shen Stranded” … and began the sequel “Masi’shen Evolution” which is still progressing in fits & starts. This year will finish, for sure, with a sequel to Pasayten Pete called “Gold Mountain.”

The best Scrivener feature for me is the ability to keep going by writing bits & pieces, chunks & scenes, and never having to worry about how to string them altogether as a coherent whole. The idea for me is to keep writing, to keep banging away on various scene ideas, with no worry for editing or weaving it together. Scrivener’s binder is a great place to make folders for each general thread of related material, and stuff the bits and pieces of writing wherever seems logical.

A month after NaNoWriMo ends, it’s time to use Scrivener to sift, sort, organize, edit and rewrite to make a coherent work out of all those pieces and parts. No, I don’t start with an outline … just a brief storyline with some general plot ideas. I’ve found that characters and threads take on a life of their own and begin to steer the story where they will it to go. No outline ever survives the first encounter with a great character!

Best of luck to all … when you fall in a plot hole, take a big step back and write yourself a ladder!


I’m in for the third time. Had a good idea all sussed out, till my 11 year old daughter asked me to write a story for her (that she had an idea for). It’s by no means complete in my head but started it anyway. 3 days done, and just a head of target.

Too late to start? Lost the past few days dealing with dentists and things. :frowning:

@Garpu: too late to start? No … never too late to start. Dive in and give it a go! (When inspiration hits, the words tumble out and catching up is no big thing.) Just remember: never use the backspace key, and never go back to read what you’ve written. Write ‘hot’ and edit ‘cool’ … edit in December & January! :laughing:

Garpu, it may seem daunting to start late, but let’s do the math.

Today is Nov 4. If you start today, you’ve only missed 3 days. The daily word count goal is (on average) 1667 words. So you’ve missed that times three, or 5001 words. That seems like a lot, but…

If you spread out your missed words over the remaining 27 days in November (counting today, the 4th of Nov), that’s only an additional 185.22222… words per day. Let’s round up to 186.

So, to make the 50,000 word goal for November, all you have to do is 1,853 words each day, on average.

On the weekends, you can likely exceed that by several hundred, and it’s not uncommon for people to do 2,000 words on average, every day, for a total of 60,000 words.

Go easy on yourself, ignore your inner editor. Make course corrections mid-sentence if you need to. Leave yourself notes in the text (those words can count too) on what you were intending.

You can do this.

If you want to. I’m not the boss of you. :wink:

P.S. This post was 187 words long.


Hrm, might just go for it. It doesn’t actually have to be good