2022 niad

Hi everyone - do we have a date for the next NIAD? As you can see, im excited :blush:


I’m excited too. I want to be ready.


I want to tag @pigfender so that he can start calling for NiaD 2022 writers sooner.


Replying to help keep myself in the loop. :rofl: was quite a fun challenge last year. Good way to stretch out those muscles i havent used since NaNo :nerd_face: whoops.

Thanks for the prompt! After some extended deliberations I’ve reached the tough decision not to run NiaD this year.

We’ve written some great stuff as a group over the past 11 years, including novels in 11 different genres, a 10th anniversary re-release, a special ‘apocalypse edition’ novella, and even a cookbook! It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s also no small amount of work behind the scenes to keep it running.

I’m not saying never again – I’m sure I can be tempted to run the occasional one-off / special edition again at some point in the future – but we’re no longer going to run it as an annual event.

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part over the years, and of course to LL for their generous support! I’d also like to give a special shout out to all our mysterious yellow mug winners @nom @gr @Jaysen @homeport and @pete340, the last two of which took part in every book we’ve produced!

Happy writing!

  1. I liked the brief style much better. But I’m difficult on purpose.
  2. You deserve all the breaks. I will miss NiaD but Mrs Bacon deserves some time to the sole abuser of your time.
  3. There is STILL no reason for “southern szechuan” to exist. What foolishness…
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It has been a pleasure and honour to take part in every book we did was so much fun. I appreciate just how much time and effort you have put in to allow this to happen. Will really miss this event but a huge thank you for taking time to make all these books happen.


So, with the all-new Unexpected NIAD, you just never know when its going to sneak up and surprise on you. I like it! I mean, this hasn’t happened to me since the Surprise Exam.

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I’d be amazed if it happens in the next 3 years.

See? Totally expected!

Aww a bit sad about no NIAD but a big thank you for the experience. Loved every minute of the stress-filled blank screen, waiting for inspiration time.
Look forward to joining in when you are ready to re-start.
Thank you :blush:

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I mourn the loss of a writing surprise in the coming month. But, that said, I wonder if I could learn to host an NiaD? (PM)


A big part of my drive to do NiaD each year is to inspire people to go out and write their own stuff, so I’m naturally flattered that you’re interested in doing something similar.

I have to say, though, I’m a terrible control freak, and feel really protective of the NiaD concept and brand. As such, while I’m all for people going out and writing - including collaborative writing - as much as possible (more people to talk to about writing AND more books I can read!), I would prefer that people didn’t try to replicate the NiaD approach with an open offer to the public - and certainly not do it here or with the NiaD brand.

I should also point out that it’s a ridiculous amount of work. Whatever amount you’re guessing, you’re probably out by a factor of ten. My email traffic on the day alone is typically 300-500 emails, for example. I wouldn’t wish the workload or the stress on my enemies let alone people I actually like!

I’m very proud that we’ve built something that people are so passionate about, but if I can be frank for a moment… dwindling interest is a pretty significant driver as to why we’re stopping. I’m hoping a bit of absence will make everyone’s hearts grow a little fonder.

…and the second you get out of that pool they immediately start talking about how easy it must all be and start looking for another leg to nibble!

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I suppose this would be a bad time to bring up my killer NIAD idea that would perforce force Pigfender out of retirement. Too soon for the nuclear option? Yeah, okay, I thought so.


What if I told you I’m still interested in hosting it? I can rebrand it so it’s not called NiaD anymore. But hands-on experience is what I want.

I guess in that circumstance, I’d politely ask you not to.

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