Hi Everyone,

As a Christmas gift please find Scrivener for Windows Beta 1.5 here http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/Scrivener-1.5-installer.exe

Please backup any projects. Uninstall Beta 1.4 using the Scrivener uninstaller and simply install Beta 1.5.

Linux build here http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/Linux/LinuxScrivenerBeta5.tgz

Current known bug list for this beta 1.5 here http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/OfficialBetaBugListBeta1-5.html

I’m actually quite happy with this build as the rich text engine now appears to have turned a corner and has proven to be very robust and trustworthy in testing. I’m sure you’ll all put it through its paces; however, I’m silently confident that you’ll be able to get work into and out of Scrivener with ease now. I know it’s been painful in the past, but hopefully this will put smiles on your faces - heck you can forget Notepad and cut and paste from Word and preserve all your formatting, and yes, that includes Word texts with images, tables, formatting, lists, url links annotations and footnotes. It all should just work. Doc and Docx import and export is still not supported - but this is trivial compared to getting RTF in a decent state and will be available very soon - we’re using a plug-in so it’s not going to be a difficult task.

Well, there’s many more fixes (all listed below), especially compile fixes where we have fixed most of the bugs logged, it’s Christmas time and I have a bunch of people nagging me to stop tapping away at the keyboard and come and have a beer. So, I’ll just list the fixes for now and thank you all for you patience and encouragement. As I said before, I think this Beta is really on another level compared to the others and a significant turning point. I have lots more surprises in store that I will start looking to implement, and of course bug fixes, after Christmas.

Well wishes to you all. Thank you.


Fixed in 1.5

We have finished re-writing the RTF reader and writer - there were many many fixes.

All problem RTF files sent are now imported perfectly into Scrivener for Windows.

Footnotes and annotations are imported and export

URL links and images are now supported

Tables are fixed for import and export

Unicode and ASCII style foreign language code pages are now fully supported

Cut and paste works from Word to Scrivener tested versions Word 2003, 2007, 2010 - including images.

Transferring German projects from mac to win changes the umlaute. ö becomes š, ü becomes Ÿ and ä becomes - fixed.

Clicking blank area of binder loses part of navigator history

Clicking on blank area in the Binder with nothing was selected, closing and opening Scrivener no longer causes crash.

There is no option to select different line spacing (fixed for Editor as well)

Formatting of textual elements has now been fixed for all compile options. NOTE: check box indicating to overwrite formatting MUST BE checked!

Page breaks now work whenever one chooses the Page Break Before option in the Inspector or the Compile Menu (Content Tab) or the Text and Folder Separation Page Break option (Separators Tab) in the Compile Menu

Empty lines no longer disappear when exporting to rtf.

Compile to a RTF file exports a document where every character is run on a single line down the left-hand side of the page and repeated a number of times has been fixed.

Pasted Web links now work correctly.

Vanishing cursor has gone!

Long black cursor has been fixed.

Line spacing has been implemented and added to the format bar 1, 1.5, 2, 3 or custom i.e. whatever spacing you desire.

When all text in the currently opened text item is selected and deleted, it should disappear. All margin and font settings should remain the same - fixed.

Lists often disappear off of left side of screen partially visible. Also spacing between list items changes between single and double spaced - fixed.

Ruler added to full-screen CTRL+R to toggle on/off.

When changing the paper width, sometimes the text is shunted to the left hand side of the paper, rather like in a word document when you increase the indentation on the right - fixed.

File name checking
At the opening screen Scrivener allows you to open a new project with a file name containing a question mark (’?’). However, the file does not save and no warning is given of it not having done so. File names do not contain the following characters: " * : / \ ? < > | = ; [], ^ % - fixed.

Non-Fiction, Poetry & Lyrics, or Miscellaneous templates are no longer disabled.

Cheers for the effort Lee, and happy holidays!

One issue - the Linux .tgz file appears to contain the 1.4 beta, as I’ve installed it twice now and it still shows as 1.4 with no changes in feature, while Win installs as 1.5 and demonstrates the feature changes. IF this is user error I’ll be red-faced, but I wanted to check.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the good and great work.
I’ve not been very chatty but I’ve been following the evolution and it’s quite brilliant and works great so far for me.

Enjoy your beer and the holidays :wink:

Yay! And merry merry Christmas!

.odt import is also not supported, in case anyone tries (like me)

Scrivener is almost workable now, as long as one is willing to just use it as it is. Sure as heck looking forward to the final release. About a month and a half ago we had a laggy, glitchy, not so formatting-friendly piece of software. Scrivener’s very different now.

Thanks, Lee, for all your hard work. It is truly appreciated! What a fabulous Christmas present. I can’t wait to change the formatting of my WIP! Hooray!

Demonax, I must have forgotten to update the beta number to 1.5 in the Linux build as this was done before the Windows build - my apologies. Even though it says 1.4 it is running 1.5 code. I will fix in due course.

As far as .odt goes Laxaria, yes we turned off some features like this and HTML as we will be implementing these features in the next release when the rtf has been proven as robust. Don’t worry it’s coming with many other import and export formats.


Cheers Lee :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

Woohoo! Thanks for the birthday present. :smiley: and happy holidays!

Great work Lee - your hard work is much appreciated! Have a great holiday :slight_smile:

Thank you Lee
And I wish you a merry Chrismas

Thanks very much for this holiday treat, Lee. Enjoy that beer (or several). You’ve earned it!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Tis the season to be jolly.



Thank you, Lee! The line spacing makes me very happy.