Beta 1.7 will be released today (24th Feb). It’s early morning here in the land of Oz, so I’m expecting it should be ready for download this afternoon.

I will post a full report on the beta later today with the download.

It is highly recommended that a complete uninstall of beta 016 be undertaken after backing up any work that may exist in the Scrivener directory prior to install 017.

Beta 017 contains all the missing features that were going to be part of the final release. After this release our focus will be on rapidly resolving existing and newly introduced bugs. No further additional features or functionality will be added until after the release.

How excitement! :astonished:


That is indeed exciting. Something to look forward to when I get home from work (I’m also in the Land of Oz).

And for you to be able to say that the software is ‘feature complete’ (even for a small time) is as close to nirvana as software engineers can get (speaking as a software engineer that works on an ever evolving piece of software).


Also excited, if somewhat nervous about deadlines, and also from Oz. Waiting waiting (No pressure - really!) Congrats on software to which I have recently become a fervent convert.

Fellow Aussie Scriveners - wow! Live ones too. There’s not that many of us left. A rare breed indeed - all those big spiders, nasty snakes, and tiny octopuses that can kill you within minutes. Them those nastiness’s keep killing us, and if they don’t get you the floods and storms might. Forget trying to swim to freedom either cause them huge sharks will get you. :open_mouth:

Just pulling the code out of the over now. A little icing and she’s done.

Should be 1/2 hour.

Yeah but while we’re piled under snow, you’re wondering where the sunscreen is. Not to mention you get the good cadbury’s.

The best Cadbury’s are from New Zealand. The worst thing I did when I was there was try one of these little suckers:

It’s much harder to find these back in Australia, which means every time now I want chocolate I have to run around to a half dozen stores before I find one.

I guess the exercise is justification for the bar though, so from psychological/health perspective it kind of makes sense.

I’m a sucker for their Easter eggs, which makes no sense because they really aren’t that good. :slight_smile:

Shame pictures don’t have scratch and sniff. :slight_smile: