****27th Oct BUG UPDATE from Lee****

Hi Beta Users,

I thought I’d give you a brief update in case you thought I’d vanished from this forum. This morning (Aussie time) we have made good progress with fixing the two dictionary bugs i.e. foreign language pop-up each time Scrivener loads, and the selection of incorrect text which basically rendered the dictionary useless.

Next, I’d like to focus on fixing the template bugs so that all those NaNoWriMe writers have this functionality working at the very least.

I will probably upload and repackage beta 1 with these fixes this evening i.e. within the next 10 hours.

You will be able to download exactly the same way you did previously - the file name will be the same; however, when you run the installer you’ll notice the version will be 1.1. You don’t have to go through this process; however, if these bugs are bugging you as much as they are me, then you can beta test the Scrivener Uninstall first and then re-install the updated version. You’ll will not loose any project folders you have created within the Scrivener directory as the Uninstall should behave nicely and recognise your work inside the folder and delete everything else. However, if you do have projects in this Scrivener directory back them up just in case and copy them back after.

As far the bug hunt forum goes I plan to come back online later today once I’m happy with these fixes. I will then proceed to continue addressing issues in earnest. It’s early days and I’m still trying to find the balance between forum participation and code fixing - please bare with me. I’m thinking maybe spending a good 4 hours a day online broken in morning, mid-day and evening. I’ll see how I go.

Some of you maybe interested to know that we actually use Scrivener as our bug tracking tool as well - see screenshot below. This way we are completely immersed in the product continuously.

Other bugs that are driving me nuts, are the rich text issues people are reporting and we are experiencing too. Changing fonts and font sizes, missing text, partial or zero imports etc. These are the things we’ll need to resolve and make robust before we start to focus on more of the user interface issues and so on. Above everything else we are focused on making sure your data is safe even if it does loose formatting in the interim. We don’t want you loosing any text.

I’ll post another update this evening, and thank you all for your support and efforts reporting bugs, and of course your encourageent and support. It’s a little crazy here at the moment :slight_smile:

Back soon!


Thank you for the update.

As I matter of benefit, if I can find any interesting or possibly easy to overlook bugs/unintended behaviour, I may try to collate them and drop you a PM.

Thanks Laxaria, you’re too kind :slight_smile:

Well this is the first genuine Beta of anything I’ve tested, but honestly I’m impressed with your response time right now. Nice to work with a programmer who truly cares about their product.

Definitely going to echo the person above me. I’ve been in marketing betas and real betas for various software, but one thing has always held true: if the initial beta is, at its core, a solid and effective product, AND if the developer(s) interact routinely with their users, then it’s a safe bet that the release version is going to be something special.

I’m very optimistic about Scrivener’s Windows incarnation.

We’re certainly all very committed to making Scrivener for Windows special. We’re also trying very hard to fix critical bugs in the beta as soon as we can. Thank you all for your comments.

I hope this is referring to the random reformatting of text when changing fonts. If it isn’t, I will post this elsewhere.

Quickly: Changing font size/type I have noticed that new line returns occur which weren’t in the original text.

If that’s what you’re referring to above, then I will kindly shut up and let you go about correcting it.