3.2 issue with deleting keywords

I’m running Scrivener 3.2 and there’s a small issue with deleting keywords.

  1. I added a keyword to a document that was a typo.
  2. I deleted that keyword from the document and added the correct one (this all worked fine).
  3. I clicked “Show project keywords” from the menu in the keyboard pane to the right of my main editor.
  4. I selected the typo keyword and then clicked on the icon to delete it (the little subtract sign).
  5. Nothing happened.
  6. After hitting the delete icon a couple more times with the same result, I closed project keywords and re-opened it and the keyword I deleted was gone.

So the issue is that the keyword didn’t show as deleted right away. I had to close out the project keywords and re-open it to see that it had been deleted.

Could you let us know what OS you are using? I do not see this problem in the 3.2.0 build, running on 10.14.6.

I’m on 11.0.1.

Okay, thanks. We’ve checked 11.0.1 as well with your checklist, and the Keywords panel seems to be generally okay. It’s not a common bug, most likely.

A couple of things you can try to help explain the nature of it:

  • Does the problem happen after you reload Scrivener?
  • If so, does it happen in a new blank test project?

For the time being, I would also recommend going into the General: Warnings preference pane, and enable internal error alerts. The description of the bug sounds a lot like what might happen if a “silent” error occurred earlier in your session. Such can lead to weird things happening all over the place, sometimes entirely unrelated. This checkbox will give you an early warning and a chance to restart the software when they happen.

If you do get an exception alert, copy and paste the diagnostic text into a response (you might want to do so in a PM, as I recall the report might list person project titles at the bottom).

Yes and yes. I sent you a PM with the error message I got after setting it up to alert me and I also included a short screen recording reproducing the error.

I also tried it in both light and dark appearance and themes in case that made a difference (it didn’t).

Thanks for the data, as well as the video, to make sure we’re doing exactly the same things. I was making the typo keyword first rather than second, which could have been significant, but unfortunately I still do not get this problem after inverting the order. This is puzzling since the procedure to reproduce it is so very simple, and the error log points to this being a data problem as well, which generally doesn’t require odd external circumstances (like light mode):

Exception Reason: *** -[__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 1 beyond bounds [0 .. 0]

If I’m reading that correctly, it is acting like there aren’t any keywords stored in memory, and so the error is in trying to delete something that doesn’t exist.

Something worth trying in the meanwhile is to reset your preferences to factory defaults. There may be some setting somewhere that would change how this works internally. I’d set aside the .plist file just in case. If factory defaults settings clear the bug, you can send us the .plist file and we can try running Scrivener with your settings, and hopefully that will do the trick.