3.2 link is downloading 3.1.5

Hi there!

I’m clicking on the Download link in the 3.2 release notes on this page: literatureandlatte.com/scri … s?os=macOS

The link for the download itself is: scrivener.s3.amazonaws.com/Scrivener.dmg

For some reason, the file that comes down is 3.1.5, not 3.2. It has the same bugs, it says 3.1.5 in the About pane, and when I quicklook the app itself, it was created in 2019:

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 09.41.36.png[/attachment]

Does it take time for the link to populate? I’m downloading in Ireland, if that makes any difference for your CDN.

As has been stated multiple times in the forums now, the 3.2 download was pulled (twice) to help fix issues some users were having with it crashing upon launch.

Not aimed at you, bursaar, but all y’all need to take a few minutes to search and read what’s already here before posting. Unlike many of our projects, these forums are not write-only!