3.3.3 Crashing When Trying to View Screenplay

I am having a problem whenever I try to open a screenplay document on my desktop the whole system will crash. I will open the document no problem and then begin writing, then weird things will happen like the cursor will stop moving, or random letters will appear when I hit the spacebar. Then the whole thing will crash without saving any of my progress. Originally, I thought that maybe the document file was corrupted, but when I transferred everything to a new document the problem persisted. This is only happening when I open a screenplay document and nothing else. I was wondering if anyone else was presented with the same problem? I just updated my mac to the latest OS so this maybe something having to do with that? Maybe L&L just need to send out a patch? I don’t know, but it is frustrating because I have to write a screenplay for my class and I love Scrivener.

Please try the test build linked here:

And see that entire thread for a full discussion of the suspected issue.

Thank this has seemed to fix the problem!